What We Believe

We believe that proper wealth management is the synthesis of financial planning and investment management.

Financial planning is the foundation of the investment management process.  Our clients’ investment portfolios are built based on their unique set of  goals and constraints uncovered during the planning process.  It is our strong conviction that investment portfolios should be of no more, or less risk than is appropriate to meet the objectives specified by our clients and their circumstances.

We believe in getting the big things right.

We spend a great deal of time asking questions and finding solutions to issues that inevitably have far greater impact on our clients’ overall financial health and well being than money management alone.  Some examples of getting the big things right include: Establishing realistic plans based on available and future resources – Allocating investment assets properly to accounts based on their relative tax efficiency and unique characteristics – Maximizing asset distributions both for our clients and their heirs – Matching proper savings and investment tools with goals – Utilizing proper beneficiary designations and gifting techniques – Ensuring that tax reduction strategies are consistent and integrated with overall planning.

We believe in getting the little things right.

We are attentive to detail.  We follow up.  We make sure that little aggravations don’t turn into big ones.  We make address changes, revise account instructions, and follow up on deposits, withdrawals and transfers to name a few.  We follow through on our assigned tasks.  We make our clients lives a little more organized and a little less hectic.

We believe in customized solutions.

Each client brings to us a unique set of concerns, goals, resources and circumstances.  As such, each situation is evaluated on its own merits without preconceived solutions.  We believe our experience and depth of knowledge in the areas of planning and investment management should allow us to be more, rather than less creative.  We believe that institutionalized thinking, and generalized advice produced by the media or other sources is not meaningful to individuals with distinct situations.

We believe that our clients should be treated as if they were family members.

Advice to our clients is consistent with what we would recommend to ourselves and our families if we were in their situation.

We believe that a client’s privacy is of paramount importance.

A critical element in maintaining the trust established in our client relationships is dependant upon our ability to safeguard sensitive client information.  We have established strong physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect our clients’ information and privacy.  More information is available in our Privacy Policy.

We believe that technology should enable us to spend more, not less time with our clients.

We use technology not as a wall to separate us from our clients, but rather a window to allow better, and more frequent communication with them.  We analyze any new technology by asking an elemental question;  Does the technology enable us to spend more time with our clients?

We believe that clients have a right to know how we get paid.

Our clients have a right to know how much our services will cost prior to engaging our firm.  They also have the right to know if we receive any compensation from any sources other than them.  All of our compensation is fully disclosed.

We believe that clients should have the opportunity to understand as much as they care to know about any recommendation.

We are prepared to spend the time necessary to explain to our clients, their loved ones, and any of their advisors the rationale behind our recommendations.  Our planning and investment management process is built upon the free and open exchange of ideas.