Financial Planning

Initial Financial Planning

Financial Planning begins with a consultation with you to understand your objectives and determine the services you require.  Any services delivered by Access are authorized by you in advance by executing the Access Investment Advisors Client Agreement.  We begin by developing an inventory of your assets, liabilities, income sources, expenses, tax records, legal documents, investments, insurance and retirement plans.  With this information, and a thorough understanding of your goals, we will develop recommendations designed to achieve your ideal plan using your available resources.  If your ideal plan is not achievable, we will explore alternative solutions to develop a best fit for your situation.  After your initial plan is delivered to you, we will assist in implementing any or all of our recommendations.

Ongoing Financial Planning

Ongoing Financial Planning services are available to ensure that your available resources and liabilities are updated, and most importantly, to determine if any changes are warranted to meet your financial objectives.  Your plan is also reviewed to ensure that it is consistent with economic conditions and existing tax law.  We will review your progress with you no less than annually.  At that time existing recommendations may be modified based on circumstances.  If changes are warranted, we will provide ongoing assistance you to implement any recommended changes.