Asset Management

Initial Asset Allocation

Initial asset allocation begins with the creation of an Investment Policy Statement based on information from your initial Financial Plan, an assessment of your emotional capacity to tolerate risk, your financial capacity to bear risk, and prevailing economic conditions.  The Investment Policy Statement is individually tailored to your situation and provides a framework for the types of investments that are consistent with your Financial Plan.  The Investment Policy Statement also identifies the asset allocation mix that is most appropriate to meet your objectives.  Your asset allocation model will determine an overall target for equities, fixed income investments and cash.  This target is compared to your existing asset allocation and serves as a guide for the appropriate composition and types of assets that are consistent with your objectives.  We will analyze your current investment holdings and make Investment Recommendations regarding their retention or sale consistent with your Investment Policy Statement.  Investment Recommendations for acquiring any new investment assets or repositioning your portfolio will follow your Investment Policy Statement.

Ongoing Investment Management and Monitoring

Ongoing Investment Management and Monitoring services are available if you would like us to manage your investments after the initial Investment Recommendations are made.  We will evaluate your progress and report your results quarterly.  After a thorough review, existing recommendations may be maintained, modified, discontinued, or new recommendations may be developed consistent with your Investment Policy Statement.